Development Strategy : Export-oriented   /   Famous brand driven   /   Tech-driven   /   Scale expanded   /   Multiple business ganged

Operation Philosophy : Dedicating selfless   /   Creating classic   /   Servicing society

Culture Tenet : Inherited the fine traditions   /   Promoted the innovation spirit   /   Cultivated the unique civilization  /   Contested the century giant

Quality Policy : Contributing more landmark projects to the society with our wisdom and sweat

Environmental Policy : Insisting on humanistic spirit   /    Creating green environment   /   Pursuing harmony

Plicy of Occupational Safety and Health Humanity-oriented : Regulation and discipline as the guide   /    Civilization as the highest   /   
Progressive in innovation

Market Philosophy : Depending on the progress of science and technology   /    Striving for the project of famous brand   /   
Promoting the corporation identity   /    Improving the market expanding

Service Principle : Focusing on the clients   /    Enhancing the client satisfaction



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Telephone: +86-514-80660188   Fax: +86-514-80660099
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