No pain no gain, the Group keeps crisis awareness in mind and devotes to the infrastructure construction with the sense of mission because that the infrastructure is always the guarantee of municipal operating, and the important conditions of material production. The Group’s business scope has expanded to municipal engineering, landscaping, classical garden, roads, bridges, hydraulic engineering, railways,channels, environment protection and new rural construction as well, optimizing the structure of business and benefit.

Road engineering of Wenchang West Road, Yangzhou

Yangzhou Runyang Road Engineering

Yangzhou Hanjiang Road Reconstruction Project

The BT project, Yangzhou Hanjiang Economic Development Zone longitudinal road

The construction project of the Moon Lake in Yangzhou

Water conservancy project - HSBC River Project

Xuzhou three eight river box culvert project

Wastewater treatment project in Huaian Development Zone, Jiangsu

landscape engineering

Bridge Engineering

Yangzhou moon Road Pedestrian Street Plaza

Yangzhou Hanjiang Bridge in new rural construction

Decoration engineering of Industrial Technology Research Institute of Northern Jiangsu
Tianhong Hotel and decoration engineering

Yangzhou tonglee reefer container steel structure engineering

Mechanical and electrical installation project of Yangzhou South Union Hospital


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