Besides expanding its markets, the Group has made every endeavor to be more diverse and professional in service, has further developed through the innovation of development, starting playing the roles of investor, developer, contractor, manufacturer, supplier, whole saler. The business scope has expanded to construction material, property management, auto spare part, software development, petty loan, hotel and trading. In the future, the Group will carry on more extensive and deeper cooperation with our worldwide friends to achieve mutual benefit and common development by delivering the best service to our dear clients and contributing more landmark projects to the society.

Commercial Concrete- Wanfa Concrete Company

New Type Material- Wanhe New Type Material Co. ,Ltd

Hotel Business- Jingyang Guesthouse of Ankang municipal of Shanxi Province

Property Management-Wanjia Property Management Co. ,Ltd
Auto Spare Parts-Wanlian Mechanical Structural Steel Frame Manufacture Co. ,Ltd
Rural Petty Loan-Wanxin Rural Petty Loan Co. ,Ltd of Hanjiang District of Yangzhou Minucipal
Foreign Economy and Trading- Wanderain Foreign Trading Co. ,Ltd


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Telephone: +86-514-80660188   Fax: +86-514-80660099
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